Silver Lining to the Californian winter - Like a butterfly, breaking free


The air started to smell like spring yesterday. After what felt like the longest and wettest winter, the days stretch longer again. Just when I set down to write this, the sun went down, but warmth still fills the air. Spring is short in California, and the beaches will soon be filled with the sound of joyful, feel-good tunes.  Everyone knows the songs that are inherent in the Californian summer. The Beach Boys, Katy Perry and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are perhaps the most prominent contributors to every California Summer mix tape ever created. They form the soundtrack for girls eating ice cream in their hot pants, on roller-skates.

Silver Lining by SUNSETS & Cammie Robinson made me aware that spring has a different sound. Spring has melancholy. Cammie Robinson’s smoky, gloomy voice sings of blossoming love, which is still out of reach. SUNSETS’ mix of careful beats, fading melodies and dreamy echoes transports this feeling of being torn truthfully to the listener. I have not actually danced to this song yet, but I imagine my arms to form wavy movements, symbolizing the gentleness of spring, while my body is already following the rhythmic lead of SUNSETS’ beats.

When Cammie Robinson sings of “butterflies (that) are goanna break through”, I notice that I, as well, am longing for a break free. I want to jump back into my hot pants, eat ice cream and skate along the promenade. But for right now, I want to appreciate spring in its fine, sensitive awakening.  

Carlo Toribio